Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Praisenter 2.0.2

Praisenter is an application that enables you to create slides and templates with songs, text from the Bible or videos that can be looped.

The application allows you to manage the transition between slides, offering multiple presets, and it supports various media files that you can add to your presentations.

Download here:  Praisenter 2.0.2
43 MB / Windows XP / XP 64 bit / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit


    Java 7 or higher
    512 MB of free RAM
    1 GB or RAM is recommended for video playback
    Multi-core CPU
    2 or more video output ports

Bible Verses, Songs, and More

Search or location Bible verses with ease and quickly present them.  Follow a speaker with simple verse navigation and previous, current, and next verse previews.  Search the bible for phases, words, or location quickly with highlighted matched text.  Save a list of verses for planned scripture reading.  Install and manage new bible translations from The Unbound Bible.  Display up to two translations at the same time to support multilingual services.
Add, edit, delete, and search songs quickly.  Quickly present common song parts with the Quick Send panel and hot-keys.  Got a song with a million verses?  You can add them all, with the unlimited number of song parts feature.  Make sure the song is ready for presentation by scanning the entire song preview at once.  Store a list of songs for quick song transitions.  Search everything about a song, and view a list of highlighted matched text for faster searching.
Create, edit, delete custom slides that contain any type of content.  Preview the slides for one last check of correctness.

Slides and Templates

Fully customize the display of content.  Create custom templates for Bible and song presentation and quickly swap between them.  Create fully custom slides to present other content.
Use the new Slide/Template editor to customize every aspect of a slide or template, including video looping, text outline, gradients, and more.  Support for full or partial transparency.  Easily create slides from any Editor2template and copy any slide or template
Create slides and templates on one computer, export them, then import them into your main computer along with any attached media


Add images and pictures, audio, and video to any slide or template.  Specify properties like audio looping, video muting, image scaling, borders and more.  Use the simple Media Library to store your media in one place for easy access.

Support for nearly every audio/video format and codec using the Xuggler library (which uses FFmpeg under the hood).
Use videos and pictures any where on a slide or template; whether as a background or another floating component.

You are not limited to any media offered by Praisenter.  Use any saved pictures, audio or video.

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