Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FREE PDFCreator Download

PDFCreator enables you to create PDF documents from Windows applications – for Free

All the Functionality You Need

Create PDFs from any program that is able to print
Send generated files through email
Digitally sign your PDFs to ensure you are the author
Merge multiple files into one PDF
AutoSave files to folders

Convert to a PDF File
PDFCreator not only allows you to create PDF documents from scratch, but also converts any existing files to PDF. You obtain professional-looking documents, without any watermarks.

Easy To Use
PDFCreator works as a virtual printer that, instead of sending your documents to a physical device that prints them onto paper, sends them to a virtual driver that converts them to PDF. You can then do most things you normally would with a PDF – print it, email it, and more!

Security Advantages
Digitally sign your PDFs to ensure that you are the author and the file has not been modified. You can apply passwords to prevent unwanted viewers, and permissions to restrict functions.